Who is svig

Silicon Valley International Group (SVIG) is a brand and retail sales firm. We focus on helping brands succeed and assist with product placement into the retail/e-tail market. 

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SVIG Featured Services

SVIG offers services and custom solutions based on each client's individual needs.

Product Sourcing and Development

Insider market knowledge.

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Logistics and Warehousing

Intelligent logistics and competitive warehousing.

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EDI & Supply Chain

Reliable communication, reports and product delivery.

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  Product & Channel            Road-Maps                      

        Prioritize sales channels and schedule product launches.          

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Sales and profit Forecasting

Efficiency in goal attainment.

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Sell-in and Sell-thru Strategies

Help identify unique strategy per channel .

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 Inventory Management

Just In-time inventory for replacement and lost prevention.

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Digital Marketing 

Attracting your target customers using the latest trends and tools. 

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Savvy business owners recognize that business does not happen in a vacuum and that business parnerships are essential to success. Partner with SVIG and we can reach success together.  

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