We Are a Full-Service Business Consulting and Branding Company

Silicon Valley International Group is a one-stop shop providing business consulting and management services for businesses of all sizes and types. Get an in-depth look at the challenges and problems we overcome daily in order to create success stories for brands and businesses like yours.

Brand Development:

Market Readiness

Is your product or service still in development? Let us help you decide when it is ready to bring to market. With our extensive background in the consumer world we can help you time your launch effectively.

Product Identity

The Silicon Valley International Group builds instantly recognizable brand and product identity through strategic marketing for our clients.

Product and Channel Roadmaps

Get inspiring design support and direction to create the products and experiences consumers will want to purchase in the future. We have a deep understanding of consumer behavior.

Business Development

New Accounts

With our extensive connections in Silicon Valley and beyond, we can provide our clients with a new network of reliable partners.

New Markets

Utilizing the most up-to-date analysis, our team will investigate and choose the most profitable and promising markets. With the motto “the sky's the limit” in mind, we are always looking for untapped markets for our clients to enter.

Business Readiness

Financial and Strategic Planning

Building on our team’s data-driven insights, we are able to create a customized plan for your organization to reduce costs, manage inventory, and maximize profits.

Marketing and Sales Program Development

Seeking out new markets for our clients is only part of the story. We assist our clients to build out the capacity of their marketing and sales programs, to easily take advantage of new market opportunities.

Improving Operations

We can evaluate every aspect of your operations, and help you expand your ability to service your new and existing customers.

Retail Automation

Innovation, Intelligence, and Analysis

Static pricing is obsolete, and expensive. With electronic shelf labels, dynamic pricing, and AI-powered monitoring, we can help you gain valuable insights on customers and products, and address perennial issues such as uncompetitive or incorrect pricing.

Reduce Expenses, Increase Profits

Reduce headcount, minimize losses, and make market-driven price adjustments by leveraging our tested retail automation solutions.